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Qigong (Chi Kung/energy work) practices balance and increase the body's energies and develop feelings of health, strength, and well being. Qigong uses the natural functions of your body to release stress, develop flexibility, coordination and stamina, and to heal chronic joint and back problems. The main idea of Chi Kung is to develop and store Chi. It helps restore youthful balance in the elderly and improves the mind/body connection in people of all ages.

The secret of Chi Kung resides not only in the movements but in the breath. By regulating our oxygen intake, increasing it, we also significantly add to the amount of chi energy entering the body.

Chi Kung is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is commonly used for its beneficial healing effects. (You may read more on this subject in this article about Taoism and QiGong.)

Chi Kung exercises are cumulative. As you practice through the year the effects of the practices will increase. As you practice Chi Kung your body will become relaxed and stronger, your health will improve and your spirits will lift.

We begin with simple yet effective Qigong exercises. Gradually throughout the year the exercises increase in complexity. Anyone may join at any time!

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